Apple’s annoying new “Sign In with Apple” feature


This year (2019), Apple Announced the “Sign In with Apple” feature in iOS for developers to implement in their apps. Now they are forcing all developers to use the feature in their apps if they implement any other form of sign in such as Google Sign in, Facebook Login, etc. If you have a third party sign in and no Sign In with Apple, they will reject your app and it will not be placed on the App Store until Apple Sign In is added or the third party sign in is removed. Sign In with Apple has many disadvantages and many developers do not want to implement it.


  • Only works on iOS 13.0 or later
  • Users can decide to not share their information
  • Much harder to implement than something like Google Sign in
  • In many cases it requires a complete restructuring of the app

The only advantage

The only advantage is that if you implement it, you can add a third party Sign In

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