Athan Signs

Many masajid use modified mirrors to indicate when the athan is called. The problem with this is that many people don’t flip the mirror, causing confusion on whether the athan was called or not. Athan Signs makes use of experimental voice recognition and flip to Athan Called when the Athan is called. Once a configurable amount of time after the athan has elapsed, the Athan Sign switches back to Athan Not Called.  This eliminates confusion on whether the Athan was called or not. If you use Athan Signs on an iPad, the sign is visible to a wide range of musallees.

Click/Tap the button below to download for iOS!

Note: Although all the apps here are designed and coded by me, the App Store Page states the seller/developer as my dad’s name as Apple does not allow people under the age of 18 to publish apps on their app store. I had to ask my dad to register as the developer. 

Learn How to Make your own Athan Sign Kiosk

This Tutorial will show you how to make an Athan Sign with a 9.7 inch screen. It will look like the item in the picture above. Contact Rayaan@rayaans.com if you need assistance.

Items Needed:

iPad (At Least iPad 4). Athan Signs requires iOS 10 or above due to voice recognition. You must have at least iPhone 5 or above, iPad 4 or above, or iPod 6 or above.

Order your desired kiosk (that supports your iPad). The kiosk used in the picture on this page are from mount-it.   You can use any kiosk you would like to, just remember to get one that supports your iPad.

Step 1: Setting up Software (required)

This tutorial is for iPad Air 1, iPad Air 2, and iPad 4. You can use any iPhone or iPad that meets the requirements (shown in the Items Needed Section), but the kiosk stand shown in this tutorial is for iPad Air 1, iPad Air 2, and iPad 4.

Step 2:

After setting up the iPad, download my app at https://apps.apple.com/app/id1477511889.

Step 3: Kiosk Mode Settings (optional)

Go to settings>display>auto-lock and change it to the “never” setting. If you are having trouble finding this menu, try using the search bar at the top. 

Go to settings>general>accessibility>Guided Access (you may have to scroll down to the bottom).
Turn on Guided Access and the Accessibility Shortcut.
Also turn on “Mirror Display Auto-Lock”. If this is not present in the Guided Access menu, don’t worry about it.

Step 5: Setting up App (required)

Launch the App and enter all the fields and click save.
Auto-Lock Field: In this field, enter the amount of time after the Athan that you want the display to switch to Athan Not Called.
Logo Field: In this (optional) field, enter the initals of your mosque, ex ICQC for Islamic Center of Quad Cities, IACC for Islamic Association of Collin County.
Logo Subtitle 1 and 2: In these fields, enter the full form of your mosque. For Example, for ICQC, enter “Islamic Center” in Logo 1 and “of Quad Cities” in the second field.
Settings Password: Set a password for settings. If you forget the password, uninstall and reinstall.
Confirm: Re-enter settings password

Step 6: Start Kiosk Mode (optional)

Triple Click the home button and click start. You will need to set a password for Guided Access. Guided Access will ensure that nobody gets out of the Athan Signs app. If you ever need to close Athan Signs for any reason, just triple click the home button and enter the password that you set. If you forgot the password, press and hold the home button and power button until you see a white apple logo on a black background (or a black apple logo on a white background).

Guided access only applies to devices that are dedicated to showing Athan Signs. If you are using athan signs as a temporary solution (ex. at a gathering) you may not have to use guided access.

Step 7: Final Step

Assemble the kiosk, put the iPad in it, and mount it.
InshAllah, you are now set to go!
If you need any help, please email me at rayaan@rayaans.com.
Please use the correct charger for your iPad!