Name of Project: IR Remote Scanner
Date Project Completed: 07/27/2016
Grade: 4

This is a IR Remote Scanner. Every time you press a button on your TV Remote (if it uses IR technology), it blasts a signal with a code. Each code tells the TV to do something. For example, when you press the volume up button, the IR remote sends a code, which the TV recieves and responds with an appropriate action based on the signal recieved. This device recieved displays IR codes recieved on an OLED display.

Please refer to the numbers in the image above:

1: Arduino Nano: The “brain” of the project. The Nano sends data to the display and recieves IR signals from the reciever.
2: IR Reciever: Recieves the IR Signal from devices that send it IR signal (such as TV remotes).
3: OLED Display: Displays the code recieved from the IR device.

Build one yourself:
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Images of Project (you can click to enlarge):