Stream with one click

When most people think of streaming an event/lecture to YouTube™, they think of  sophisticated software and hours of setup and planning. SimpleStream™ is a device that I created for my local non-profit in 2019, it has been working flawlessly since then. It can be used by anyone who desires a simple way to star/stop YouTube livestreaming. When an event starts, simply press the red button and you are live. The device uses the audio and video from any RTSP source (such as security/IP Camera) and broadcasts it live to a YouTube channel. When you press the green button, the stream stops and YouTube creates a recording of the stream.

This is an image of the completed SimpleStream device. Pressing the red button starts the stream, pressing the green button stops the stream. Here is the link to the Raspberry Pi Case I used for this project. This is a modular case which allows to add more depth to the case which allowed me to accomodate the two external buttons.

This is the inside of the SimpleStream device showing the buttons, the Raspberry Pi, and the Debouncing circuit. The debouncing circuit helps dampen the switches so the Raspberry Pi does not detect one button press as multiple presses. Here is some information on what is switch bounce and ways to debounce. I preferred the debounce circuit over software debouncing as my software debouncing code was not as reliable. I had to work with my dad to make the circuit here.

Another inside view showing a different angle.