App Store Connect Basics for iOS development

If you are involved in launching an app for any Apple Platform, you will need to use App Store Connect. App Store Connect Membership Access is included in the Paid Apple Developer Program membership which is purchased from here.

1. Logging In
Log in with the same Apple ID that you have used to purchase the Apple Developer Program Paid Membership. To log in, visit

You will be greeted by the page below:

You are now greeted by the control panel. To add your first app, click My Apps > Plus Button and follow the on screen instructions. View our How to send an app to App Store Connect and get ready for launch blog post for more detail about adding apps.

After 24 hours of your app being successfully launched on the App Store, you will see your first statistics. You can view how many downloads you have from the App Analytics and also the Sales and Trends tab. The Payments tab includes reports of in-app purchases that your users have been making.

Above is an example of statistics. The data has been covered for security purposes, but you should see real statistics on your sides if it has been 24 hours since your app was launched.

The other three tabs are for users, contracts, and help. The Users tab does not mean user of you App, but rather users of App Store Connect. You can add people to your App Store Connect Organization (if you account is personal, the organization is the owner’s name).

The contracts tab includes all your agreements and contracts.

The last tab, help, is of course where you get help for App Store Connect.

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