Fixing the notorious SIGABRT Error in Xcode

Why it Happens: The SIGABRT Error is one of the most notorious error in Xcode. You can get this error if you remove an IBOutlet/IBAction (that is connected to an element in the storyboard) from a swift file, but not from the interface builder. In other words, when you delete an IBOutlet /IBAction from a ViewController’s swift file, you must also remove the connection from the element in the storyboard file. Otherwise, when you run the app, the element will look for an IBOutlet /IBAction that does not exist, causing an error.

How to Fix: Fixing this issue is really simple.

First: Navigate to your storyboard file (usually main.storyboard). Make sure the toolbar on the right is present. Otherwise click the appropriate button on the top right to get the toolbar to be present.

Next: Click the arrow icon in the menu at the top of the toolbar at the top right. The arrow is the last icon in the menu (which contains the newspaper icon and others).

Last: Remove the problematic IBOutlet/IBAction. Hover over the connection that is causing the problem (sometimes has a yellow warning icon next to it). You will see an x button after hovering. Click the x icon to remove the connection.

Error Still Occurring: There may be more faulty connections. Please inspect all view controllers. Also Check the log in the bottom toolbar if it is reporting any error. If the error persists, Please post on our forum and receive quick replies from the community or Xalting Experts.

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